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    Client entered service request ticket and how to apply elements to it


      If you let a client enter the following ticket in the attachment provided for a service request.  

      Once that ticket is entered how do you run a task against this ticket to include all the elements to

      start the process or ordering, delivering and installing.

      Ex.  Install a new printer

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          Depends on how many steps will be involved and how many techs (or non-techs).


          Step 1 is to go into Setup > Processes > Action Rules

          Create a "New" Action Rule

          Configure the Rule Triggering and give the Process a Name

          Click the Criteria TAB and set the Request Type to match the request type you want to match

          Click the Actions TAB and add "+" an Action. You can select 'Modify Ticket' and set the ticket anyway you want. You can also send out emails to non-techs and form the email anyway you want. If you want to create "Child" Tickets where other techs get a ticket as well, then Save this Action Rule in its current state and go to:

          Setup > Tickets > Tasks (I know, they should consolidate this into a Workflow setup instead of 2 separate areas…)

          Create a new Task and check the box 'Shared'. Give the Task a Name.

          Click the Task Elements TAB and create a New Element.

          Check the box "Link to Parent" and at the right side, click the button Inherit Value "All". You can then deselect what you do NOT want to inherit.

          Make any changes and Save the Element.

          Repeat for however many child tickets you want to create.

          Now go back to your Action Rule you saved earlier. Setup > Processes > Action Rules > [name of action rule]

          Go to the Actions TAB and add/modify an action and select "Run Task" and from the popup menu, select the Task that you created earlier. Save.


          Then test it out. That is the quick and simple explanation. Of course, there are details in each of the above steps that will depend upon what you want to do. All of this is document in the help. Just look for Tasks and Action Rules.

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              Today we have 195 different task with elements created.  To do this wouldn't I have to break the client entry down to specific details in order to create a rule for all 195 scenarios we currently have setup?

              I was hoping to let the client enter a generic type service request then on the backend we select the correct task to run because a lot of times our clients don't know exactly what they are asking for.  If I set

              up rules and they ask for the wrong thing then we have to delete and start over.