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    SAM 6.6 agent deploy fails -> can't find log files to t/s


      what is the location of the log files for the agent deploy?

      both from Orion console as well as from local deploy.


      they are working fine with local deployment, but from console is not working.


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          For Windows agent


          For Linux/Unix agent

          But when you are having problem with deployment these folder will probably not exists as agent is not deployed, so you will most likely find a root cause on Orion Server in
          C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\AgentManagement\ in one of AgentManagement.Jobs log files


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              thanks for quick response.  was on solarwinds server in job log.

              Any thoughts on cause?

              2018-02-14 11:34:01,042 [STP SmartThreadPool Thread #0] INFO  SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Jobs.WindowsRemoteInstallController - Checking OS version on the machine xxxxxx (xxxx.253.213).

              2018-02-14 11:34:07,684 [STP SmartThreadPool Thread #0] INFO  SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Jobs.WindowsRemoteInstallController - Machine xxxxxx (xxxx.253.213), OS version [6.3.9600.0], realtime OS version [6.3.9600.0].

              2018-02-14 11:34:14,231 [STP SmartThreadPool Thread #0] ERROR SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Jobs.WindowsRemoteInstallController - Unable to install Agent remotely to xxxxx (xxxxx.253.213). System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): EminentWare::RemoteInstallationClient::Installer::InstallOperation - handleremoteinstallation() failed to install the MSI package. Process exit code:: [0x643] Message: [Fatal error during installation.]

                 at EminentWare.RemoteInstallationClient.Installer.InstallOperation(InstallPackage[] installPackages, String installerPackage, String transformFile, UInt32 operation, InstallerOptions options)

                 at SolarWinds.AgentManagement.Jobs.WindowsRemoteInstallController.InstallAgent(WindowsDeployJobSettings settings, String pathToMstFile, IInstaller rdsinstaller)