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    How to Monitor a QlikView Server With Solarwinds?


      Hello Folk's,


      Hi, I am really new to Qlik View, I just have a request to monitor the service that QlikView Provides.



      I have found the following Article https://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-6699?_ga=2.159253363.850464468.1518051978-1046691850.1518051978 | Qlikview Application, I understand that after identifying those Counters from the Perfmon and collecting I can Parse them and put them into a Qlik View Dashboard, but in fact I am searching for a Document where specifies which is the spected Counter value that should be followed...



      Imagine that I got the counter "\Process(QVDistributionService)\% Processor Time" and the value is 34,  how do I know the result of the counter is under threshold value or above?


      I wanted to Configure a Monitoring Tool  like Nagios XI or Solarwinds, so I add the counters to any of this Monitoring Tools but I need to set a threshold value so if the counter is above it  has to send an alert at least...


      Can any could help me with that?