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    Orion Deployment in 2 Datacenters - License and Architecture Questions


      Hi, I need to deploy Orion in 2 separate datacenters - Production  and QA

      Teh deployment in the each datacenter should be independent and if necessary available, if one of DC fails.

      I already checked this document:


      From proposed solutions most suitable are


      "Centralized Deployment with Remote Pollers"

      • Here I can for example have main instance in one DC and  polling node ein another. 
      • My questions for this configuration are:
      • What about to have Failover cluster for the main instance which would span both DC?
      • Or polling nodes in the each DC and main instance which is cklustered across DC?


      "Monitoring Geographically Distributed Environments with Multiple SolarWinds Instances" -

      • If I understood it correctly I can use EOC (Enterprise operations console) to poll instances in different DC
      • So what about independent distances in the ach DC and then 2 EOC - each in the own DC?


      And of course the most important question is about license. AFAIK the licnse is based on amoun tof endpoints ( nodes, network interfaces, datastores) which are being monitored. Mangement prefers to have here only one license. How it is possible for 2 DC? May I for example install the same license for 500 endpoints in both DC, and allow to monitor 200 EndPoints in one DC and 300 in another? Is such configuration possible with mentioned above architectures? Is it legally supported (I mean whether I would violater license terms and agreements by installing the same license in different DC's?)


      Besr regards