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    Add a custom poller value to an alert



      I have worked out how to add a UnDP OID to the SW server and how to trigger an alert on that value but i can't seem to get that value into the alert message.

      e.g. (simplified) if i was looking to alert on a Linux server being up over 150 days

      I create a UnDP for OID and call it hrSystemUptime

      then the alert trigger is Custom Node Poller name = hrSystemUptime

      Custom node poller numeric value > 1296000000


      Then id like the action to send an email that says something like

      Server name : ${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption}.

      Last reboot value : {Custom node poller numeric value}.

      Days since last reboot : {Custom node poller numeric value /(100*60*60*24)}


      Is it possible to do that?




        • Re: Add a custom poller value to an alert

          For the current stat value try this one



          for the second part I think you might be able to get away with doing a custom sql selection with

          select  (${N=SwisEntity;M=CustomPollerStatusScalar.Status}/(100*60*60*24)) as [days]


          It might complain about that though, in which case you might have to make a real sql query to get the metric you need for the specific undp poller that caused the alert.  There are examples of how to do that on Thwack (I'd write one but I am pretty tied up today)