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    NCM custom backup script - how?


      I have an Aruba device that supports multiple configuration contexts. I'd like to create a custom script to back up the configuration of each context separately. However, I'm not finding much documentation on how to create a custom backup template.


      One of my network engineers has provided a sample script, showing the commands he'd use to display the configuration from the CLI:


      Change directory level:

      (my-aruba-device) [mynode] #cd /md/Wireless/OurLocation/Context1


      Display the configuration:

      (my-aruba-device) [Context1] #show configuration effective

      (configuration details would be shown here)


      What I don't understand, even after looking at examples and documentation, is how to get that configuration out of the Aruba device and into the Solarwinds repository.


      What's the basic NCM script command to retrieve a configuration?