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    Writing records into the asset history?


      Had Webhelpdesk for a couple of months now...


      Wonder if anyone can help me?

      We have 2 different types of asset "vehicle" and "unit" and one type is typically a child of the other (we have a unit which we build which is installed into a vehicle and we track which unit is installed on which vehicle)

      We have a spreadsheet (I know, I know!!!) which I use to import the current details of the vehicles and the units which are installed on those vehicles (the units can be removed, reassigned or new installs etc) and I want to do that on a regular basis to keep the vehicle locations and the units assigned to each vehicle current and up to date. The spreadsheet is rubbish frankly but I'm unable to persuade anyone that it needs to change in the short term and I've tried to persuade them to use our new ticketing system to keep our asset records up to date?


      Yeah, tried that and came up waaay short...



      When assets are imported the old relationships aren't removed and replaced with the new ones, both relationships then exist (bug logged with Solarwinds)

      Also, it doesn't put anything in the audit trail of the parent or child asset that is even vaguely useful when the asset record is updated (Solarwinds have added this as a feature request)


      I thought I would put together an SQL script which

      Takes the existing child asset number and writes it into the audit history of the parent asset

      • Takes the existing parent asset id and writes it into the audit history of the child asset
      • Removes the relationship completely for all assets


      Reimport the complete records again with synching enabled and reestablish the relationships again



      That would give us the asset history of which units have been on which vehicles and which vehicles have which units installed

      We're eventually going to replace the spreadsheet with a custom db which we could script the updates from one to the other but for now I'm going to need something to keep our asset records up to date


      Anyone got any advice on either

      a) A better idea?

      b) If there's any hurdles stopping me from doing this?

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          So for any future users who come across this issue:


          It will correctly write records into the asset parent / child relationships if both sides of the relationship are defined in the import. ie the parent record has the child record listed and the "Child Record? Y/N" field is set to No.


          Nowhere is the asset history updated except to say "Synchronised by Import" and the date of the import. Any changes to the parent child relationships are not recorded in the asset history if they are amended by an Import update.


          We ended up running a SQL script over the database once the import had completed and updating the text of the latest asset history record to include a reference to the asset number of the associated parent / child asset.


          Updated Asset History record