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    Intermittent Ping reply when the  Allen Bradley L30 plc Network connects to an Allen Bradley L75 Network.


      Hello Experts,


      my Name is NIKHIL and apparently I have come across such a Network issue where  trouble shooting gets horrible.

      I have a PLC Network of Allen Bradley L30 Controller and 3 Festo Modular valve modules of IP addresses (,247 and 248 ) and also a SCADA PC with IP address this Network is totally working fine.

      But as a part of another Network architecture this L30 Controller has to send some datas to a Primary controller Allen Bradley(L75).And at the instance I connect this L75 network in my perfectly working Network,I get problems, like communication breaks at intervals of 4- 5 seconds and Network totally gets hanged.


      There are no IP Conflicts as the L75 Network is very Big and complicate I have tried pinging all my IP addresses .


      But Things are Fine and Communication is steady When Festo Modules are connected to L75 Network(This time L30 is in Disconnected condition) and also L30 is in steady communication when  it is directly connected to L75 Network( This time Festo Modules are Disconnected Condition).But things gets worse when it gets in a triangle (All Connected together at a time).


      Suspecting a Multicontroller issue I have connected an another L30 control to form a Triangle (Here i used L30 in place of L75).But  this formation totally works without any communication breaks.


      If it was an issue related to Communication settings then it would not have worked fine when L30 and Festo modules are connected individually.



      Hope I'll get some solution for my issue here,Please Help me with your suggestion and ideas.