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    Initial observations on 6.6 RC and AIX client


      We are starting with a fresh NPM/SAM install on a test server, and will move to upgrade production if it goes well. Yesterday the Application installs went smoothly and its running in 30 demo mode. Today my AIX admin went to install a client and it appears that it tripped him up when the script went to use sudo, and we have centricfy on our AIX which means sudo is replaced with dxdo. He thinks we will be able to edit it and make it work shortly. I will update as it does.

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          Thanks for the update jm_sysadmin! Please keep us posted on your progress. Note that if so desired, you can download the RPM manually through the web console, copy it over to your AIX host via SFTP/SCP/FTPS/etc. and run the installer using the RPM command.


          [Settings > All Settings > Agent Settings > Download Agent Software > Unix/Linux > Manually Install by Downloading Files via URL (e.g. wget)]