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    Some alerts not displaying variable information...


      Hi guys,


      We have found more recently that some of our alerts are not displaying the variable information as they used to. It is frequently sending us emails like this:


      FebNode Name: W2008-GCSXDC (${Node.IP_Address})
      Status: ${Status}
      Comment: ${Node.Comments}
      Total Size: ${VolumeSize}

      Used: ${VolumeSpaceUsed}
      Free: ${VolumeSpaceAvailable}
      Percentage Used: ${VolumePercentUsed}


      Oddly it will sometimes actually display the variable information instead of the ${...} but it seems to be getting more frequent. Has anyone come across this, or aware of any bugs?


      We are currently running NPM 12.2, Orion Platform 2017.3.1 SP1


      Any help would be great. Thanks.