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    Looking for SQL Query to interrogate SAM settings for nominated servers


      Hi All.


      We have, like most I expect, a range of servers that are monitored with AppInsight for SQL, but other AppInsights would be similar I expect.

      We monitor a range of services such as SQL2012, SQL2014 and others.


      I want to be able to check/compare the settings for a group of servers to see that changes to alert settings have not made our environment vulnerable to failure due to an over exuberant setting.


      I have a some queries that will return data that I want but I would like a query or view to be able to relate that query so I can select a range of servers by category/model/version.

      For example.


      "What are the setting values for alerts on Page Life Expectancy for our SQL2012 servers?"


      Looking for the next item in the next application is more than tricky.


      Of course being able to update values in the retrieved fields would be a bonus as updating the SAM template would affect ALL instances and this would not always be appropriate.



      Any help, advice appreciated.