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    Multi-VRF support, Nexus 7K, and arguing with TAC!  :-)

    Craig Norborg

      So, working on a future deployment of Solarwinds at my new job and running into a couple stumbling blocks, the first being able to support multiple VRF's on our Nexus core switches within Solarwinds.   I've posted a feature request here that might make it work better, but right now I'm getting inconsistent results and wondering if others might be running into the same thing or have a solution for me.


      Poll multiple SNMP contexts for a single node


      We have both a production and Dev environment here and I'm getting different results in the different environments, which is very odd.   I opened a TAC case and they're simply telling me that without polling multiple contexts, because you have one VRF associated with each context, that it won't work.   However, that's not the results I'm seeing.


      I first worked on my dev environment and tried various approaches to associate multiple VRF's with a single context, but it just doesn't map that way.   But, then I noticed that there is a "snmp-server context <contextname> instance <routing instance>" command that takes a routing instance and associates it to a context.  Since our internal network is done with MPLS and BGP routing, which has all the VRF's associated with it, I associated the BGP routing instance to the context that Solarwinds monitors.   Then under the Network tab  on the node in the "List of VRFs on Node", like magic all my VRF's showed up just like I wanted!  Problem solved, right?


      Well, I took this and put it on the demo server we have on our production side and basically duplicated the config, only to be stuck with a single VRF again.    How annoying!  To have something working just fine, but not being able to replicate it, and when you ask tech support, they tell you that what you're already doing on one box can't be done?


      So, who out there is monitoring multiple VRF's on a single node with Orion and how are you doing it?   Mostly interested in the Nexus platform, but others would be nice to know too.


      Or is everyone else frustrated that Cisco TAC tells you that you can't do it, you need to monitor each VRF with a separate context?