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    I need a report Asset Inventory Report based on specific System Names


      These instructions didn't work.


      reate per-Node Software Inventory report




      This article provides steps to create a report that lists installed software on each Node.


      SAM version 6 or later


      Note: This article assumes that the Asset Inventory option has already been enabled within each Node's List Resources feature.



      1. Log in to the Orion Web interface.

      2. Click Settings > Manage Reports.

      3. Click Create New Report.

      4. Select Custom Table, and then click Select and Continue.

      5. Set I want to report on to Node and add any conditions to isolate report down to specific Nodes.

      6. Give the Selection Name a unique name.  For example, All Workstations.

      7. Click Add to Layout.

      8. Click Add column.

      9. Scroll down in the left-hand pane and click Software Inventory.

      10. Select all columns and click Add Column.

      11. Click the green + to add another column.

      12. Select Node Name and click Add Column.

      13. Set the Group results by to Node Name - Node.

      14. Click Submit.

      15. Proceed through the remainder of the Add Report wizard giving the report a name and such.


      Once this is complete, you should now have a report that provides software inventory for each Node.