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    Linux script execution error. There was an error processing the request.


      This scream for help could actually have one of two different err messages, I'll try to explain:

      I'm attempting to execute a python script in a SAM template deployed to an agent running on Raspbian(Stretch).

      python ${SCRIPT}

      print "Statistic.Pressure: 14"

      print "Message.Pressure: Pressure"

      When I test from within the template editing process, I get this:

      Output Result:ND Get Output Failed:{"Message":"There was an error processing the request.","StackTrace":"","ExceptionType":""}

      When viewing the application monitor after a poll attempt, the err on the component is shown as:
      "Linux script execution error. No fields were recognized in the script output"

      When I look at the debug log for the application on the agent, I see this:

      Which leaves me confused.

      I understand the err on the application page, because the outputs(Static.Pressure and Message.Pressure) are not defined.
      But I can't define the output within the template if the output is not returned.
      The script seems as though it is being interpreted absolutely perfectly because in the debug file, the output is shown as expected, without error.

      I just can't figure out why that output isn't *seeming to be brought back when editing the template.

      Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.