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    Orion Database Has Index Page Locking Enabled?


      My DBA was helping to improve our Orion performance by optimizing our database and he noticed that Index Page Locking is enabled.  I wanted to see if this is intentional or if it's something we can turn off to help improve performance?


      Any thoughts or feedback on this is greatly apprecaited!

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          Indexes in Orion use SQL’s default locking options, which is to allow both page and row level locks. SQL’s query planner chooses the appropriate lock level according to the operation being executed. If you disable page level locks, you force it to always use row level locks. This has two effects


          • Index reorganization is impossible
          • Complex performance tradeoffs – page level locks exist because they are more efficient for some operations/situations than row level locks


          Disabling page locking for all tables would be very bad idea.

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