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    Changing information directly in the database


      How many people directly change things in the database? The reason why I ask is because I haven't felt comfortable enough to make changes that way for fear of breaking something I didn't know about. An example I have that is making me question doing this is I need to change the email of about 63 different email actions to send to a different email.


      SELECT TOP (1000) [ActionID]






        FROM [solarwindsdatabase].[dbo].[Actions]

        where Description like '%stringtochange%'


      returns 63 rows.


      So I can see the actions and description and know its only 63 which isn't terrible to go manually change. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to separate those out in the action manager. While typing this out though I realized I could find the assigned alerts and do it on each alert rather than click through all bazillion(exaggerated but not crazily) actions. (yes I need to cleanup the actions but this is many years built by a bunch of different cooks, I'm the first designated chef so to speak).


      Should you ever change things directly in the DB? if yes.

      What things should be checked before updating information directly in the DB?

      What situations are people directly changing values in the DB?


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