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    Solarwinds and Notepager Pro v5




      I have built a new Solarwinds system (2 physical servers, ORION & SQL) that has NPM 12.2 and SAM 6.5 and I have installed Notepager Pro version 5.


      My problem is that I can send an SMS message to all the recipients from Notepager Pro but when I trigger an alert from Solarwinds the SMS message isn't sent/received.  I can see that the alert has triggered in Solarwinds but I don't get a text message.  Am I missing something obvious?


      I have restarted all services and I've also done a comparison with our current, soon to be decommissioned, Solarwinds system (which uses Notepager Pro v3) but I can't see anything obvious.


      As always, any help will be very much appreciated.