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    Last Boot Is not updating


      Has anyone else noticed that the Last Boot for SNMP/Agent nodes is not being updated?

      I have some systems that were rebooted about 12 days ago, but some of them were showing very old Last Boot times.

      The following two images illustrate what I am talking about. My thanks to cscoengineer for the Uptime report: https://thwack.solarwinds.com/docs/DOC-194008#comment-289980

      Below is the Top 10 listed. The first image is before I set the LastBoot to null.

      Original Top 10

      The second image is the same list, but the LastBoot was updated correctly after setting the LastBoot to null and doing a rediscover.

      Updated Top 10

      As you can tell, there are now a new set of top 10 nodes, with one of them remaining at the top. The others have been updated.


      There should be no reason to have to set the LastBoot to null to have LastBoot updated.