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    Orion Web Console Permissions Question


      Hi Thwackers,


      We run NPM 12.1 and I have a question about permissions.


      We have lots of Windows Individual Accounts defined and managing permissions is a pain. We're transitioning to use Windows Group Accounts and I had a question about the permissions of a Windows Individual Account versus a Windows Group Account.


      In the NPM 12.1 Admin Guide it says "If a user is in multiple group accounts, the permissions of the group highest on the Groups tab of the Account Manager are applied to the user." This information makes it clear what happens if a user is a member of multiple group accounts, but what if he/she is a member of a group account and also has an individual account?


      My question is "If a user has a Windows Individual Account, but is also a member of an AD group that's defined as a Windows Group Account, which set of permissions will be applied to him/her?



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          I knew I'd seen the answer I was looking for somewhere in the SolarWinds world... It turns out that it was not in the NPM admin guide, but rather right in front of my nose!


          When you go to add an individual account (Admin > Accounts > Manage Accounts) there's a line of text right there on the page that tells me exactly what I wanted to know.


          "If a user has an individual account and is a member of a group, individual account permissions/settings will be applied and all group permissions/settings will be ignored."

          SolarWinds NPM screen shot of 'Manage Accounts' page