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    Cisco redundancy MIB - trying to find out Cisco 4500 Supervisor redundancy status


      Hey all,


           I've been using Solarwinds for about 6 months, and have learned a lot.  I'm really struggling to find a way to monitor Cat 4500 switches with dual sups.  The applicable MIB seems to be CISCO-RF-MIB.  It's been around for a while, so I'm assuming it's built into the updated MIB that Solarwinds creates.  Can this only be used with traps?  Or can it be polled?  I've tried using the universal poller creation and used the OID I found tied to this.  But I have doubts I've done it right.  Is there a downloadable poller file that addresses this?  It's a Sup7 running IOS-XE 3.7 for what it's worth.  This is the details on the MIB:

      Free CISCO-RF-MIB SNMP MIB Download - Free MIB Download - Search MIBs - OiDViEW

      I've polled this OID: 



      But there are multiple states this OID can be.  I'm getting lost quickly on how to get this to work.