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    How does one see all templates used by NCM, sorted by the Machine Type that uses each template, given "Auto Detetermine Template" is the option used to select the template?


      I find myself intrigued by recent threads dealing with creating a Hardware Drift / Inventory Report.  The threads mention using a different Config Template for NCM that adds a "show inventory" command along with the show run command that's part of the Daily Config Change Report , and it seems reasonable to not have to point at a new template, but to edit existing templates already in use to include the "show inventory" command within them.


      The trick is discovering which Templates NCM uses for each machine type when my practice is to let NCM auto-determine the appropriate template for just about everything except ASA's.


      If I wanted to modify existing templates being used by NCM for my Cisco devices, how would I view a single report that shows which templates are used for each machine type?