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    Route monitoring?


      Good afternoon,

      I am wondering if there is a way to monitor a static route, and if any traffic traverses the static route. I'm familiar with the "Network Performance Monitor", is there anything similar to this? Like a route perf mon?


      I am being tasked with implementing a dynamic routing solution, so I will need to find out which statics are being utilized, and the ones I can phase out of the environment.


      Thanks and have a great day!

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          Now I have not tried the topology mapper from SolarWinds, so please give that a try!  (It is on my bucket list)


          I have used a product called NetBrain and it does a phenominal job showing active routes.  Like SolarWinds, it dynamically updates.   You will need Microsoft Visio to complement NetBrain, as you will love the network diagrams that you can export to Visio, allowing final custom work to be added to the diagram.

          Good Luck!