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    Required active alerts on email


      Dear Team,


      We installed Orion 12.2 with NPM, NCM & NTA configration,  Able to see all alerts on Dashboard window, but there are need to configure email address so as soon as alerts generate , will get alert with information on email.




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          1. Go to Settings > All Settings

          2. Find ALERTS & REPORTS

          3. Click on Manage Alerts


          4. Enable the Alert that's appropriate.  Perhaps you have one for "Node Down", or "Hardware component is in warning or critical state".  You can build a new Alert, or copy and Edit an existing alert.

          5. Select and Edit the Alert


          6. Name the Alert (if necessary) and go through the various options to set it up.  Start here:

          7.  After you've filled in the Properties, move on to the Trigger Condition, Reset Condition, Time of Day, filling them in appropriately, or editing what's already there, or accepting the defaults.

          8. Here's the view from the Trigger Conditon page.  You can filter what devices will generate the desired action (in this case, send an e-mail), and you can also set it to filter out devices that should NOT generate e-mailed alerts:

          9. Make sure you've filled out the Reset Actions and reviewed the Summary.

          10.  When all is correct, submit the changes to save them.


          Now you must test the Alert to ensure its Trigger and Reset actions are correctly configured.  To do so:

          1. Go to Admin > Alerts & Reports > Manage Alerts > Action Manager

          2. Select the appropriate Node Down Alert for its Trigger Action and Test it:

          You'll need to select a node on which to test the Alert and its Trigger Action.

          3. Once the Alert and Trigger Action test successfully, and you've received an e-mailed alert, then test the Reset Action the same way.

          4. If alerts aren't sent, check the Orion e-mail and server settings.  If alerts are sent but not received, verify the destination and verify the mail is not being caught in a SPAM / junk mail filter.


          If/when you become overloaded with too many e-mailed Alerts, start reading about Groups and Dependencies, and set them up so that if a site with a single router and a dozen switches and a dozen UPS's goes down, you only receive an alert about the router being down.


          When all else fails, read the documentation to learn how to accomplish your goals.  It really helps!


          Good luck, and may you and your users' packets remain swift!


          Rick Schroeder