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    Reports - Open to Close?


      I need to pull simple report of how many days between Open a Close of a ticket. Talked to Tech Support and I got the traditional "Unfortunately and Feature Request" answer.


      I was wondering if anyone was able to pull up tickets which were open longer than a specific amount of days?

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          There isn't a way to do this through WHD, but it can be done:


          1) Do a ticket search for the date range of tickets you want to cross-reference(You can do all tickets, but it may take a while depending on how many tickets are in your system.)

          2) Download TSV

          3) Insert Column

          4) Select column A, add formula '=D1-C1' and hold CTRL as you hit enter.


          5) Freeze top row

          6) Rename A1 to Days Open

          7) Turn on Filter


          8) Filter Day range specified

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            Wow, thank you!


            Ya I ended up doing that, just wasn't sure how to select all tickets instead of the 10,20,50,100. Once I get it as a csv file I can sort the data. I really appreciate your step-by-step instructions. I hope it helps others as well.



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                I'd like to add a few things:


                1. To select all tickets in the list, SHIFT - Left Clicking would select all tickets not just the ones on the page (new to me)

                2. I used a formula: =DATEDIF(B1,D2,"d")  basically (Starting_Date, Close_Date, "in days format"), which gave me a human readable days number.

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