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    Changing Interface Description using Policy Rule REMEDIATION


      Hi guys,


      I'd like to automatically change an interface description using a Remediation script (automatically execute when violation is found).

      I'm having trouble figuring out whether this is doable or not, so I hope one of you can chime in.


      Say you've got a switch that's in a stack. You pull the config every night during backup, then a Policy Report checks whether one or several GigabitEthernet interfaces have the word (TEMP) defined.

      The policy would include a Rule that automatically executes a remediation script to rename all the interfaces whose description includes the word TEMP to *reserved*.


      How would the Rule look like if I only want to match "GigabitEthernet" interfaces with TEMP in description?

      How would the remediation script look like if I only want the above found interfaces renamed to *reserved*?


      Is this possible?