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    Automation of Custom Bandwidth


      Hi All


      To support our new NTA installation, I have a little task of defining custom bandwidth on 5 interfaces on approx 290 nodes (Cisco routers).

      Needles to say I would hate to do that manually, is there are scripted way I can do it, the interface names are the same mostly (GigabitEthernet0/1.100) and our port descriptions could also be used in identifying the ports.


      I could define the bandwidth on the ports but that could have implications on our routing, so I would prefer not to do that.


      Any of you experts out there tried this or just have a suggestion?


      Regards Jens W

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          Believe you could just do a search in Manage Nodes.  Make your search 'GigabitEthernet0/1.100'


          Another option especially if you have to set a custom bandwidth on a number of interfaces is to do the following:

              Log in to the Orion Console.
              Navigate to Settings -> Manage Nodes
              Select the interfaces you need to modify
              Click on Edit Properties
              Select Custom Bandwidth
              Set the transmit bandwidth and receive bandwidth
              Click Submit

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            For the automation part of your question, you might want a group that is defined by having an interface description 'GigabitEthernet0/1.100'.  Then you can modify the group any time and catch newly added devices/ interfaces automatically:





            •Automatically select group members based on shared properties by clicking Add Dynamic Query and creating conditions.

            Click Preview to verify that the dynamic query is selecting the intended objects.



            Groups have an inherent functionality for rollup status (best/ worst/ mixed) where the status of members affects the overall up/down/ warning status of the group.  Just know that it exists, whether or not there is benefit in using the groups that way.  You may find a reason to use the group in some new way (a report, a view, an alert) and could leverage the group if desired.