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    TEST FAILED.  No DNS Entries exist for Host <insert additional polling engine here>


           Currently experiencing an issue that I am unable to understand let alone fix. 



      4 Solarwinds Administrators in a corporate environment all have been issued laptops - all have the same network permissions, all have equal Solarwinds permissions.   Up until recent all 4 have been able to add nodes to Solarwinds. 





      3 of the solarwinds admins are able to successfully test and add a windows server to a specific additional polling engine.    1 of the Solarwinds admins (we will call him Fred)  is getting a failed error message when trying to add the same device to the same specific additional polling engine.   Up until a few days ago Fred was able to test and add the same node successfully from his laptop.  Fred also logged into a VDI session and received the same failed error message which was "Test Failed.   No DNS Entry exists for host <------insert additional polling engine here.     Fred then logged into one of the other Solarwinds admins laptops and was able to succssfully add the same node to the same poller.   What would make this happen?  





      What would cause this to happen?