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    ip sla, udp-jitter, icmp-jitter




      I am familiar with ip-sla on cisco devices and its easy enough to add them to solarwinds.


      However, with the default parameters for udp-jitter i notice that within the ip-sla operations on solarwinds my device is constantly going into a critical status indicating there is an issue.


      So i log into the device to diagnose further, now i cant test udp from from the command line, so i test with icmp, i can ping the same destination from the same source as the ip sla config, and everything is ok.


      Now i know i can edit the ip sla timeouts within solarwinds, and i could work around this, but this is masking the issue.


      So i changed my udp-jitter to tcp-connect but thats no good as that only offers RTT.


      Finally i have tried icmp-jitter, which gives the same stats as udp-jitter, problem i face now is my version of SolrWinds does not support icmp-jitter.


      I want to have a reliable way to monitor Jittter, Latency, Packet Loss