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    Command output result has to be e-mailed like an alert



      We have a requirement from customer something like


      In cases, instead of going with an SNMP monitoring or a log converted to an alert which involves little research research and testing, so we would like to see a command output result and the output of that command has to be e-mailed to like an alert.


      For instance:


      XXXX-XXXX-XXX-01#show switch

      Switch/Stack Mac Address : XXxxxXX.XXXX - Local Mac Address

      Mac persistency wait time: Indefinite

      H/W   Current

      Switch# Role    Mac Address     Priority Version  State


      *1 Active   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 15     V07     Ready

      2 Standby  XxXx.XxXx.XxXx  13     V07     Ready

      3 Member   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 11     V07     Ready

      4 Member   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 10     V07     Ready

      5 Member   XxXx.XxXx.XxXx 1      V07     Ready


      Is this possible within Solarwinds, please help us how to configure this if so..


      Thanks in Advance.