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    What NPM Report shows the IP addresses of specific Managed Devices?  Or, how do I create a report like this?


      Our Security Department continually probes our devices' IP interfaces, and always wants the latest list of Network Assets.  It seems that the list of devices managed by NPM is the right list to start with, when building a report for Security to receive monthly.


      But I'd like to tweak such a report in a few minor ways:

      1. It should include ALL the IP addresses of a device.  A Core and a Distribution switch, and Branch Routers, will have multiple IP addresses.  If Security saw they all belonged to the same switch or router, they could stop hammering on every one of them separately, and stop believing they're all separate devices.
      2. The report should NOT included devices NPM is monitoring for other departments.  NPM monitors the status of Lab devices, HVAC gear, security cameras, sometimes only via ICMP, sometimes via WMI or snmp.  Those devices aren't owned by my Network team, and we don't want Security to take this report and assign remediation for vulnerabilities on those devices for which other teams are responsible.
      3. The report should include:
        1. The device name
        2. All IP addresses reachable via ICMP to the device
        3. The Vendor
        4. The Machine Type


      Are you aware of such a report already built in NPM?


      If not, what's the most efficient way to build such a report that includes ALL IP addresses on a Network-Team-Owned device, and that omits all other devices and their addresses?