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    Keep getting can't identify column definitions in SAM AIX script


      I'm not a script writer but just trying to get a return from a simple command in AIX. SolarWinds does not return much information from AIX systems with just the native SNMP. My AIX folks cringe when I mention installing the net-snmp package. So we have discussed using SAM to try and get some of the information. So we are trying to start off simple with trying to get some information out of the prtconf command. I have not gotten very far as I keep getting the error Can't identify dynamic column definitions from script output. I saw where one of the provided applications for swap space greps the prtconf for total memory. So I was trying to use that section as a starting point but like I mention keep getting the error when trying to test it. I was hoping I could return serial number and maybe firmware version. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what I'm doing wrong.



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          print "Message.Free_Memory: Amount of free memory in MB: $fm\n";

          print "Statistic.Free_Memory: $fm\n";



          The two lines above in perl will print out to solar winds each is called a message pair (you can have up to 10


          The format is important. so the message pair is Message.Free_Memory this one is what will come back in the Message Field, so this is where you wnat a descriuption so can be any alpha numberic or other so would suggest Firmware Version. The example above has it as Amount of Free memory in MB : then the amount


          The Statistic element Solarwinds wants to translate into a number so MUST be numeric by its nature Statistic.Free_Memory so this MUST not have Mb or GB on it Just a Number.


          So Given that this is in place, when you create the template you will pop this script in in the Edit Script window, and test it against a node.

          This goes off and hopefully returns the  Message Par, creating a new point outside of the window called Script Output #1  which is called Free_Memory, and that is where you would set thresholds.


          Let me know if there's something wrong, or pass me the basic script and I will see if there is anything obvious.


          I think what is not clear is that you need to Copy the original template, and Delete all of the  Script Output #1  sections from your copy, so that it can build a new one itself. The error is because you are returning possibly only One Pair, and the template you are following has 4 parts its expecting.