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    Account limitations on pages


      I've created an account for a dummy user, which shall be able to execute a config change template on a single node. Therefore I had to give this user the WebUploader NCM role.

      This works fine.

      But: after the config change template was executed, the browser jumps to the Transfer Status page - which is OK at first glance.

      What bothers me: from there, this dummy user can jump to the

      • Config Management (where he can upload config files or execute scripts)
      • Script Management (where he can manipulate or delete existing scripts)

      These two he should not be able to access, because it really is a dummy user who could create havoc otherwise.


      How can I prevent him accessing Config Management or Script Management while still being able to access Transfer Status?


      Thank you

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          Unfortunately, once you provide Web Uploader rights, it gets all rights to config and script functionality. There is not currently a way to limit a User to just one Config Change Template. This would be great feature request if not already out there for NCM. There are similar requests for managing Nodes as well that I have submitted along with many others.


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