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    Problem with set up


      using version 12.5.2 of web help desk... I know how to go in and personalize the interface.. I like it a certain way, and some of the default column titles we do not use.  When I go in and personalize it.. at the bottom you click save - I assume to save your settings... my settings never stay, they always go back to default.. not sure what is up with that...


      problem 2 - when I click on new note to place a note in the ticket or ask the person a question, the note box goes away.. so then I have to get out of the ticket, and go back in to it in order to post my question - some times up to three times I must do this.. because the note box disappears... can anyone help with this or is there an update?  we just updated not that long ago.. very frustrating.. if I need to provide more information, let me know - thank you for your help!