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    SolarWinds Certified Professional Launch


      OFFICIAL UPDATE HERE: SolarWinds Certified Professional Exams are Live


      Hi everyone!

      It’s taken a lot of sweat, many late nights, and a few thousand cups of coffee, but we’re thrilled to announce our new and improved SolarWinds Certified Professional program! Beginning on February 15, 2018, you can register to take the NPM or SAM exam and show that you have the right stuff when it comes to using SolarWinds products.

      You inspire us! Our goal was to build a next-level certification program that encourages your success and makes you proud. We’ve created a subscription plan that offers access to SCP training and events. Use our new product-specific exam preparation guides (NPM and SAM) as a starting point for your studies and to be sure you’re focusing on the right knowledge areas.

      Check out our FAQs to learn more.  Can’t find an answer to your question? Ask us here on THWACK.


      Your success is our goal!





      Hello everyone, I’ve seen your comments and value your feedback. I would like to add more context about the new SCP subscription program.

      When you sign up for your SCP certification exam, the fee is $200 USD including a yearly subscription to the program.

      You have two options:

      1. Take the SCP exam and receive a one-year subscription that includes the options linked in my original post. If you choose not to participate in the subscription the subsequent years, you are SCP certified for 3 years from your SCP pass date. If you do not renew your subscription for year 2, you must retake the exam in year 3 to maintain your SCP status.
      2. Take the SCP exam and receive a one-year subscription that includes the options linked in my original post.  As long as you remain active in the subscription program and meet the training requirements, your certification is valid. 

      The subscription does not auto-renew. If you take multiple product-exams in one year, the subscription fee is only $200 USD per subsequent year. For example, if you take the NPM and SAM exams in the first year, your total cost is $400. To maintain both certificates in subsequent years, it is a flat $200 USD.

      Our team made the difficult decision to move to a fee-based exam so that we could offer a program that provides our users a valuable experience that encourages growth. We know that IT is not a stagnate industry and that IT professionals must always be up-to-date with the latest IT innovations. We want you to succeed and this subscription program has the tools to aid in your success.

      I believe this program has a lot of value for our customers and I hope that I can prove that to you all.

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