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    Post 6.5 upgrade Universal device pollers no longer functional on Cisco ASAs


      Installed SAM 6.5 yesterday and applied hotfix the online installer showed as needed.  I had a support case open on the Cisco ASAs because the remote access vpn pages were blank (no data) support suggested we apply the latest hotfix, since there was a SAM update I applied both via the online installer.

      We immediately noticed the issue for the case was resolved as we now have remote access vpn connection data, however our universal device pollers are now no longer updating. I had a nice graph showing the number of users connected to the vpn over time by polling the crasNumUsers MIB value. this graph is now blank (DATA NOT AVAILABLE) and the tabular chart just shows the last polled data from just prior to the upgrade.

      I initially thought it was just the VPN poller, but i checked other custom pollers for MIB values on Cisco ASAs and none of them have updated since the update. I ran the MIB viewer from the Solarwinds Engineers Toolkit and the MIBs do respond and are indeed pollable however Orion is no longer polling or updating them.


      I guess i will open another case with support on this item, just wondering if anyone noticed this behavior or had any ideas ?