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    Service-now integration and ticket creation errors




      My client have been a solarwinds-user for about 6 months, and just recently we've started seeing a behaviour which I cannot understand.


      So, you have one device/node that goes offline. Solarwinds creates the information shown in the dashboard and creates a ticket into service-now. From here all is fine and dandy.

      When the node then goes up again, solarwinds registers this as online once again. So, we're back to normal now with all nodes online. Here the ticket in service-now are closed.


      Fast forward 6 months and the node goes down again! Now solarwinds sends the alert to THE SAME ORIGNAL INCIDENT created 6 mothns ago. It doesn't create a new, it re-uses the old ticket that was created 6 months ago.

      This is a major problem since the case is not reopened. Its still in closed state.


      In this scenario I would like to see a new incident, rather than using an old that have already been resolved.

      I've talked to the support about this, and they claim this is "expected behaviour".


      Am I doing something wrong here? If the products is designed this way, and there's no way around it. We need to look for alternatives.



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