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    Editing Alerts Triggers New Action Emails




      I am experiencing some annoying behaviour, I am not sure if this is by design, however if I edit an alert that is currently enabled, and has active alerts already (unacknowledged, uncleared, action emails already sent) editing the alert in ANY WAY, be it just the name of the alert, retriggers all of the action emails again.


      Now I can understand this being the case if the trigger condition has changed, but often I need to make a very minor tweak to an alarm, having it spam out emails all over again is because frustrating. Some of these alerts are active on 30, 40+ objects so this creates a lot of spam, it also makes it difficult to edit alerts constantly.


      I have tried disabling the alerts first, making the changes and then re-enabling, to no avail, the trigger actions get implemented again as soon as the alert is turned back on. Is this a bug or normal behaviour?


      You could imagine people getting quite annoyed at constant emails for the same alerts coming through, often in chunks of 30 or 40 at a time depending on what alert I am editing.


      Does anybody else experience this issue? Thanks