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    Map - Weather Help




      Trying to get the weather to display on a worldwide map, (Similar to: Adding Live Weather to the "Worldwide Map" Resource ) however i get the overlay for options, but no weather data displayed.


      Has anyone got code that's working that they can share, and preferably with 'idiot' proof instructions so that i can implement within my environment?




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          If you put something good up for free on the internet it turns out that a million people start trying to use it.  So, Openweathermaps gated their system behind an API and you have register an account with them and make some changes to the html example at the top of that thread to get it working now.


          Look for the comment by user chadstout in that thread to see how he modified that example and created an html resource that uses the maps from aerisweather instead.  In both scenarios now you would need to register an account and they throttle the number of requests per day your users are allowed to make based on if you are using a free or paid account, I've tested Chad's technique before with a free account and it does the job but if your pages are getting loaded often it burns through the free api calls remarkably quickly.