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    MAC Move alert

    Craig Norborg

      So, I'm working in the federal space now and a big priority item is to tell when IP Phones have moved so that they can make sure that E-911 information gets updated.   They've been entertaining various solutions to this which have mostly led to a dead end. 


      I suggested that UDT would be a good fit for doing this, but getting a bit stymied when trying to work on it.   Initially it looked quite simple, just monitor the switchports with UDT and enable the MAC Move alert.  Then customize that alert and narrow it's focus down to the MAC address patterns for the IP Phones.  Easy right?


      The problem I'm running into though is that neither version of the alert is triggering, neither the out-of-the-box alert that does it whenever any MAC address changes, nor the custom one that looks for the MAC address pattern.


      In looking closer, it appears that the alert is triggered when an entry is put into the "UTD.MovedMACAlert" table with the "HasMoved" equal to one.   However, even though I'm moving a box from one switchport to another, and seeing it registered in UDT on the new switchport, I'm not getting the alerts?


      Is this broken, or is there something I need to do to turn it on?


      For debugging I did move the UDT polling interval down to 5 minutes so it would register the change quicker.   However, even with hours between moves, I'm still not seeing anything in the table or any alert getting generated.


      Any ideas?   Am I on the right track?  Anyone else have this working or have info on how it should be functioning?


      I've heard other facilities in the federal space are also looking for solutions to this, would be a motivation for them to purchase if this was touted as a feature!!