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    Whoops! Upgrade failure midway through install!


      Hello All!  In the middle of an upgrade my VDI terminal decided to force reboot,  thus kicking out my RDP session to the SolarWinds server halfway through the install.  Once I was able to reconnect and rerun the installer I receive a message inside the SolarWinds Setup Wizard  "Ooops...we detected a problem...."      The installer had apparently been able to upgrade Orion Core to 2017.3 but had not upgraded the Modules, NPM, NCM, IPAM.  Now my modules are incompatible with the platform.  I failed to snapshot the VM the server is on and the Database VM has multiple databases so I'd like to avoid a previous snapshot of it.  I opened a support ticket but now I'm unable to review my open cases and I'm currently in queue with Technical Support.  Anyone have this problem and able to resolve?




      *fingers crossed*