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    Some alert variables not resolving in email notifications?


      Using: NPM 12.1


      I recently "cleaned up" some old alerts (reformatting/standardizing, adding data, etc) and I used the web UI to choose all the variables to add to the alert trigger/rest actions.  All actions send emails. It appears some variables will not resolve, while others do (in the same sent email).


      Anyone experience this or use these variables and it works for them?  I could go back to using the "old" variables (like $NodeName or similar) but I wanted to use whatever is "current" which should be what the UI populates and what others will be using if they build/edit their alerts. I found a single recent post on Thwack with a similar issue that indicated "the reset action was failing" but that shouldn't cause issues with the trigger action, no?


      Here's an example email:


      Email subject:

           in template: ${N=Alerting;M=Severity}. ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption} CPU usage is greater than 90%

           in email: Warning. ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Caption} CPU usage is less than 90%


      Email body:

      Host info:

      IP Address: ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.IP_Address} <- This fails to resolve

      Notes: ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.CustomProperties.AutomatedNoteForServer} <- This fails to resolve


      CPU info:

      Usage: 27 % <- This resolves. In the template it is: Usage: ${N=SwisEntity;M=CPULoad}


      Alerting system info:

      Sent from: Orion on ${N=SwisEntity;M=Node.Engine.ServerName} <- This fails to resolve

      Alert name: GROUP:Test. EVENT:CPU Usage. SEVERITY:Warning <- This resolves. In the template it is:  Alert name: ${N=Alerting;M=AlertName}${CrLf}

      Alerted at: Monday, January 22, 2018 2:54 AM <- This resolves. In the template it is:  Alerted at: ${N=Alerting;M=AlertTriggerTime;F=DateTime}

      Details: https://<REDACTED>/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N:2657 <- This resolves. In the template it is:  Details: ${N=SwisEntity;M=DetailsUrl}