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    Monitor Site to make sure it is up

    martian monster

      So I need to go a bit beyond the basics of setting up an external site and monitoring an IP address to make sure it is up.  I was going to use the SAM App-insights for IIS template to monitor the site and IIS on the node that I use on a few of my other nodes but this won't work on this server because it is running Tomcat IIS on a Windows box. 


      What I have is an HTTPS site that I need to check that its up but need to go beyond just a ping.  I also have a login to the site so I can check to see if its up and available to login to. I was thinking I could maybe use an HTTPS monitor and configure the site to with a login?  I have to do some more digging into this but wanted to see if anyone here has set this up before.  Thanks! - Dave