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    Report - Interface Response Time


      I need to figure out if there is an option to create a report that will show an interfaces average response time in milliseconds.  The report will include 300+ different interfaces for a time frame of about 3 months, with a daily average for each interface. 

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          Which bit are you struggling with?


          As an admin user, open up Report Manager (<server>/Orion/Reports/Default.aspx) and click on "Create New Report" .

          On the Add Content Window, select "Custom Table" and click "Select and continue".

          On the next windows, I'd select "Advanced Selection" and Interface from the drop down (over the default Node selection).

          Now which interfaces is up to you. Using the "Select field" chose the criteria of the interfaces you want. This could be the InterfaceD(a), Interface Descriptions, custom properties (we have all our external facing interfaces marked with a "important_interface custom property for just such reports and views). Decide however you choose the best way is for your environment (I can't recommend custom properties enough here, we should all be using them!).

          Once you have decided on your methods, give your Selection a representative name (this will appear in your report) and click Add to Layout.


          You will know be launched into the Edit Resource dialogues, to create the custom table you first selected. I would add the following columns:

          1. From (Orion Object) Nodes, select Caption (aka device name).

          2. From (Orion Object) Interfaces, select interface name and or description.

          3. From (Orion Object) Interfaces, type response in the Search tool and hit search. Now be careful here, and expand the Category column (by dragging the right hand column as far right as it will go) and select the Average Response Time from the Current Statistics via Node Current on Node. I tried several others, and got empty columns.

          Add your columns and the click "Preview Resource" to see what you have.


          This is one table, but you should know how to select the interfaces and which data you'd like to use now.

          I will let you work out how to add 300+ interfaces and keep it readable....


          I hope it helps.

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