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    APC UPS Battery Replacement


      Hi there, I'm new to Thwack but thought I'd post a question to which I cannot find the answer.


      I am trying to monitor and alert when a battery needs replacing on any of our APC UPS Systems that we have configured recently in NPM 12.1.  I have added and configured the uDNP Pollers correctly as far as I can tell.  They are viewable on the Node pages fine.


      However, I'm trying to configure an alert on Custom Poller upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator which I think I have done on the attached screenshot.  But it's alerting for every UPS we have, not the 2 that I know have faulty batteries.


      Also I'm trying to change the Node colour as a result of the positive alert to warning or down but can't seem to do that either.


      Any help appreciated.