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    Report based on UnDP values displayed as Scientific Notation


      I have created a report that pulls in a device name (Caption from Node) and two values that are polled from Cisco routers using a UnDP. The values are the Downstream and Upstream DSL Line rates and are displayed in Bits per Second, the UnDP obtains the values from an OID.


      When I view the report some of the values appear to have too many digits so are displayed as shown in the screen grab below which I understand is referred to as Scientific notation or Exponential notation.


      Partial screen grab of report


      The polled value of the top one is 11614000 bps (or 11.614 mbps) and when I view the device in NPM this value is displayed in full.


      I have setup a transform and this will successfully transform the value from bps to mbps, as it would be an option to use the transformed value in the report, but have been unable to work out how to create a report based on a transform result.


      How can I display either the polled value in full or a transformed value in the report?


      Appreciate any ideas or experience that you may have with this.