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    Old VMAN features missing in Orion


      Now that we have taken the step of migrating all the VMAN functions over to the integrated Orion setup, where do I find some of the neat features like historical trends for running VMS and the like.


      Those management dashboards are in high demand here

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          Orion based VMAN is not at 100% feature parity with the standalone VMAN appliance.  For the last couple years Orion and standalone VMAN have just kept parallel copies of most stats where the objects existed as both a VMAN object and an Orion object, so you may have much of the same information, but things like the time travel feature and hardware scenario analysis tools are still only available on the appliance itself.  For the most part any dashboards you had built within the VMAN UI would be possible to recreate using Orion resources, but these are not automatically converted and recreated on the Orion side.


          Historical trends for a VM should show up on that VM's details page, so you should be able to find them be going to the virtualization dashboard a drilling down to a particular VM.  If that VM is also a Node in NPM it would have a node details summary tab, along with several others on the left side and if your integration went correctly you should see the Virtualization Summary and Storage tabs


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            like mesverrum said above, not all funcions are same in VMAN appliance and VIM (VMAN in Orion). But it's not a problem. Polled data are same, so you have all options that you had in VMAN appliance.

            - there is couple of predefined views with resources - Virtualization category in My Dashboard. There is a lot of resources displaying most important data. If you need something more, you can add another resource on any page. If you are missing any resource, you can create your own - use custom report teplate and you can use i.e. custom query to get trend as you mentioned. (btw. I found resouce displaying count of powered on VMs on datacenter details page)

            - there is a lot of predefined virtualization reports + you can also create your own. Just quick example: Custom Report (second post)

            - same for alerts


            If you are missing anything specific and you are not able to create it on your own just ask

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                OK, finally was able to upgrade to VMAN 8.1. What I am still missing is a view or report that can tell me for each of my clusters the "number of running VMs" as well as the "additional VM capacity", based on current numbers. The old VMAN appliance does that both with a simple cluster list and with reports. How do I get that in VMAN Orion on a cluster level?  I've looked through all related data sources in reporting - not there.


                Even worse, without the appliance you try to report on "Total VM Capacity" per cluster, "VM Capacity Constraint", CPU, Disk, and Memory Utilization Depletion Dates, but most of these come back empty. With the appliance you can report on this data and get results. If the database is the same then it looks like Orion does not collect the same data, otherwise the fields would contain data. The same report in Orion, appliance linked = data, appliance not linked = empty fields in report.

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                    I prepared two easy examples on reports:


                    - data about running VMs are stored in host statistics. So its pretty tricky to get it out grouped for cluster (it most probably need custom swql query report - I could try to create it if you really want)

                    - there is also resource "Top 10 Hosts by Number Of Running VMs" on Virtualization summary

                    - resource "Overall Number of Running vs. Total VMs" is available only on/for datacenter details page = not ideal :/

                    - "additional VM capacity" - you can find new feature Capacity Planning in VIM 8.1 that will calculate this pretty preciously


                    It's weird that report is not working without VMAN Appliance. Are you sure that you are polling data-sources via VMAN Orion polling method? (Settings > Virtualization Settings > VMware Settings)

                    Could you post settings of the report?

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                        Thank you very much for your response. I will try to re-create your report.


                        I already had a consultant scheduled last night to re-integrate with the appliance, so I cannot verify what the polling settings were before. But since Orion got all other virtualization data correctly, why would only these few data points be missing? Now with appliance integration "Total VM Capacity" per cluster and "VM Capacity Constraint" are working again. CPU, Disk, and Memory Utilization Depletion Dates have some data, but not complete. This is not complete on the appliance either though.


                        Result from Yesterday without appliance integration:


                        Result from today with appliance integration:


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                            Depletion dates are calculated a little bit differently. It's not polled directly from data-source, it's calculated by virtualization manager.

                            VMAN Appliance, based on polled data, will calculated depletion dates and available vm capacity. These calculated values are then send to VIM (VMAN in Orion) = reports are fully working. If you don't have VMAN integrated, you don't have these calculated values from VMAN Appliance. But there are also depletion calculations on VIM side = you have filled some predictions/depletions. These calculations are not same, so results could be a little bit different (VIM vs VMAN). Unfortunately, there is no calculation for VM capacity and capacity constraint on VIM side. You could open feature request to support if you want to, but as I mentioned above, there is a new feature - capacity planning, that will calculate this precisely. (But it requires own Cap.Plan. report = these values are not accessible from classic reporting)

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                                Here are the main things missing when switching from appliance VMan to Orion VMan:


                                Features Available in VMAN 8.2.1 (Orion)



                                Once we realized these features were missing we had to switch back to the VMan appliance, we now have VMan appliance running with the primary license and VMan Orion with secondary license - no integration enabled.

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                                  OK, so I played around a bit with the new Capacity Planning reports in Orion VIM. The calculations and trends are so horribly off that it's not even funny:


                                  • CPU usage trend only uses the last 3 weeks, even if you tell it to use 90 days of history.
                                  • Regardless of modeling setting it always predicts a steep increase in CPU utilization, even if the trends are flat.
                                  • Memory usage also always predicts a moderate increase, regardless of flat history, but at least it seems to look at the 90 day history if configured.
                                  • Disc usage prediction seems to be the most reasonable, but it also always shows a hockey stick trend upwards that is different from the historic usage.
                                  • Available Virtual Capacity shows absolute fantasy numbers that are not in any way consistent with the trends listed above.
                                  • In CPU Usage it predicts to run out of CPU in 2-3 months, but in Virtual Capacity it list MEM as the capacity constraint.
                                  • Even Large VM Capacity is about 50% higher than the available capacity listed in the VMAn appliance. Not slightly different, 50% more!
                                  • The Available Virtual Capacity shows the same if I reserve 1 or 3 hosts.
                                  • In addition to all that it tells me that within a year I will need 65 more hosts in my 25 host cluster.


                                  I appreciate that there is a Capacity Planning module in Orion VIM now, but unfortunately the calculations are not only slightly off, but completely unusable. This has to be fixed asap.