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    Customizing the Client page of WHD


      Has anyone customized the client page out side of changing the options in "look and feel"? There is a readme.txt file that references another readme.txt file in the webapps directory, but that file is gone. Support says they removed those options in 12.5.

      We have a very simple network-wide systems status page  by Cachet running in AWS that tells users when we are experiencing known outages with certain systems. We would love to somehow embed this on the client page. If our email systems are down, I would like to alert our staff so our help desk doesn't get 1000 tickets on a known issue. Has anybody accomplished anything like this?

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          I have tried but have had no luck.   In fact the look and feel is even a bit sloppy.  I would really like some skins and more custom areas for editing on the user side and I would like to be able to customize the admin side within the header areas we well for Logo etc.     No bueno for us.

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            fluffy midnight

            Can be done, pain the the arse and takes too much effort to implement.


            Also has no refresh to the system so would have to set up an automatic sync based on time lapsed on the page and as the front-end is being changed from Web Objects to Spring and HTML5, there is very little point putting in the effort of adding this as it's being completely overhauled.


            Additionally if this wasn't the case, every update that is released and you want to upgrade to, you'll need to re-do your changes you have made as these are overwritten with the updates. In this case as it's being completely reworked it'll become obsolete when it's had everything changed.