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    Uninstall Previous Version


      I have configured patch manager to push out the latest Java.  I edited the package to uninstall the previous version of Java, but it is not working.  I changed the switch that was being used from /qb to  /x and ran the command msiexec /x {poductcode} and Java 8.151 was unnstalled.  However when I check the computer for updates, Java 8.162 is installed and 8.151 is not installed.  Any ideas of how to fix this?

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          I figured out what was happening.  When I made the changes to the Java package to do the uninstall, I published the changes thinking that was enough.  After Windows Updates installed the update, I looked in the c:\windows\softwaredistribution folder in the downloads folder.  There was the executable for the Java update and the other files in the package.  The date modified on the XML file was 2 days ago.  I opened the file and none of the changes that I made where there. I published the package again, but this time I chose to delete the package first.  This corrected my issue. 

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