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    BGP Availability Report


      Hello Everyone,,


      i have BGP status displayed like this :

      Can anyone please help make BGP availability report based on "Protocol Orion Status" ?

      I don't have sql knowledge.


      Thank You

        • Re: BGP Availability Report

          I did some digging into the DB, and don't see a way to identify availability other than since the last flap.  There are some route flapping statistics, but I don't think NPM intended to record the routing availability.  Here is the SQL version of basically what you have.




               nd.IP_Address DeviceIP,



               rp.DisplayName AS RoutingProtocol,

               rpsm.DisplayName AS ProtocolStatus,


          FROM NPM_RoutingNeighbor AS rn

               LEFT JOIN NodesData AS nd

                 ON rn.NodeID=nd.NodeID

               LEFT JOIN NPM_RoutingProtocolStateMapping AS rpsm

                 ON rn.ProtocolID=rpsm.ProtocolID

                   AND rn.ProtocolStatus=rpsm.ProtocolStatus

               LEFT JOIN NPM_RoutingProtocol AS rp

                 ON rn.ProtocolID=rp.ProtocolID


          If you were to retain the changes on another DB, you might be able to start looking at availability.