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    VMware Polling / SNMPv3


      Hi All,


      I thougnt I'd post the question here in case anyone can help or has the same query.


      The site I am working on is looking at VMAN, NPM and SAM as a base product set. This particular query is around VMware vCenter as well as ESXi polling.


      I have added a vCenter Appliance as a monitored Node using Status Only: ICMP and Poll for VMware Providing creds.


      When I clicked through the vCenter Node to get to an ESXi host, it was unmanaged to I added this in the same way. The wizard stated that I was polling the ESXi host via the vCenter and that I should use Status Only: ICMP as the polling method.


      From what I understand, if I want to view VM interfaces stats (i.e. virtual NICS) using an Agent this does not count against my NPM interface count, which is great.


      What I'm unclear about is how I monitor network interfaces on the ESXi hosts themselves. From what I can see, this isn't done via vCenter so I assume I would need to enable SNMP in order to get this information, which goes against the Add Node wizard guidance.


      On this point also, if I want the vCenter to be able to send SNMPv3 traps to Orion, presumably I need to add it as an SNMPv3 managed host?


      Unless I'm missing something, I can't see how ESXi interface statistics get monitored via any other means than SNMP.


      Has anyone got any more info on this that might help?


      Many thanks!



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          message in wizard wants to say, that all virtualization data are polled via vCenter, so you don't need SNMP, because ICMP is enough for virtualization.

          Interface statistics are network data. It is correct/safe/useful to have ESX polled via vCenter and managed as SNMP node.

          Same for vCenter. You can add vCenter as a snmp node - so you will receive some snmp counters for network node + virtualization data if you check poll for vmware with correct credentials.


          Hope it helps.